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Rugby returns 10.7 when the Shamrocks face Kuopio Rugby Club away, in the first game of the 2021 season. The rest of the Championship schedule is yet to be finalised by the federation.

Due to the Covid situation, the season was cut short like last year. It will once again be an intensive one where every team plays each other only once. The regular season is followed by one semi final (2v3) and the grand final.

The abbreviated schedule means that the margins are even smaller than normally, and every point plays a huge part in the final standings.

The Men's XV Championship contains of the same teams as last year:

Helsinki Rugby Club, Helsinki Warriors, Kuopio Rugby Club, Turku Eagles, Jyväskylä Rugby Club, Kalev Rugby Tallinn and The Old Town Shamrocks.

For OTS, the pre-season is going ahead as planned and the team is hoping to get outdoors to Hamari kenttä to train in mid May.

OTS is looking to get one training game in prior to the season kick off against Kuopio 10.7

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